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Just imagine the power of LINQ on iOS and OS X platforms.

Stop talking, show me the code…

Example with filtering, transforming and another filtering array:

NSArray * arr = @[@1,@2,@3,@4,@5,@6,@7,@8];
NSArray * subarr = [[[[[arr objectEnumerator]                                // 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8
                    where:^(id a){return [a intValue]%2 == 1}]               // 1,3,5,7
                    select:^(id a){return @([a intValue]*2)}]                // 2,6,10,14
                    where:^(id a){return [a intValue]>2 && [a intValue]<12}] // 6,10

Main Objective

Main objective is to implement all of these methods: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/system.linq.enumerable_methods.aspx

Implemented Features

Main Methods

+ (NSEnumerator *)enumeratorWithBlock:(id (^)())func;
- (NSEnumerator *)where:(BOOL (^)(id object))predicate;
- (NSEnumerator *)where_i:(BOOL (^)(id object,int index))predicate;
- (NSEnumerator *)select:(id (^)(id object))predicate;
- (NSEnumerator *)select_i:(id (^)(id object,int index))predicate;
- (NSEnumerator *)select_parallel:(id (^)(id object))func;
- (NSEnumerator *)select_parallel:(id (^)(id object))func
- (NSEnumerator *)distinct;
- (NSEnumerator *)distinct:(id (^)(id object))func;
- (NSEnumerator *)ofType:(Class) type;

  • (NSEnumerator *)skip:(NSInteger)count;

  • (NSEnumerator *)skipWhile:(BOOL (^)(id object))predicate;

  • (NSEnumerator *)take:(NSInteger)count;

  • (NSEnumerator *)takeWhile:(BOOL (^)(id object))predicate;

  • (NSEnumerator *)groupBy:(id (^)(id object))keySelector;

  • (NSEnumerator *)splitBy:(id (^)(id object))keySelector;

  • (NSEnumerator *)selectMany:(NSEnumerator * (^)(id object))func;

  • (NSEnumerator *)orderBy:(id (^)(id object))func

             comparator:(NSComparisonResult(^)(id obj1, id obj2))objectComparator;
  • (NSEnumerator *)orderByDescending:(id (^)(id object))func

                       comparator:(NSComparisonResult(^)(id obj1, id obj2))objectComparator;
  • (NSEnumerator *)orderBy:(id (^)(id object))func;

  • (NSEnumerator *)orderByDescending:(id (^)(id object))func;


- (id)aggregate:(id (^)(id accumulator,id object))func initValue:(id)value;
  • (BOOL)all;

  • (BOOL)all:(BOOL (^)(id object))predicate;

  • (BOOL)any;

  • (BOOL)any:(BOOL (^)(id object))predicate;

  • (BOOL)none;

  • (BOOL)none:(BOOL (^)(id object))predicate;

  • (BOOL)contains:(id)object;

  • (BOOL)containsObject:(id)object;

  • (NSInteger)count;

  • (NSInteger)count:(BOOL (^)(id object))predicate;

  • (id)elect:(id (^)(id obj1,id obj2))func;

  • (id)max;

  • (id)max:(id (^)(id object))func;

  • (id)min;

  • (id)min:(id (^)(id object))func;

  • (double)sum;

  • (double)average;

  • (BOOL)sequenceEqual:(NSEnumerator *)other;

  • (BOOL)sequenceEqual:(NSEnumerator *) other

     withComparator:(BOOL(^)(id obj1, id obj2))equalityComparator;

  • Single Object Returners

    - (id)elementAt:(NSInteger)index;
  • (id)firstOrDefault;

  • (id)firstOrDefault:(BOOL (^)(id))predicate;

  • (id)lastOrDefault;

  • (id)lastOrDefault:(BOOL (^)(id))predicate;

  • Set Methods

    - (NSEnumerator *)concat:(NSEnumerator *)secondEnumerator;
  • (NSEnumerator *)concatOne:(id)one;

  • (NSEnumerator *)union:(NSEnumerator *)secondEnumerator;

  • (NSEnumerator *)intersect:(NSEnumerator *)secondEnumerator;

  • (NSEnumerator *)except:(NSEnumerator *)secondEnumerator;

  • (NSEnumerator *)zip:(NSEnumerator *)secondEnumerator

               with:(id (^)(id obj1,id obj2))func;
  • (NSEnumerator *)join:(NSEnumerator *)secondEnumerator

       firstSelector:(id<nscopying> (^)(id object))firstSelector
      secondSelector:(id<nscopying> (^)(id object))secondSelector;
  • (NSEnumerator *)join:(NSEnumerator *)secondEnumerator

       firstSelector:(id<nscopying> (^)(id object))firstSelector
      secondSelector:(id<nscopying> (^)(id object))secondSelector
      resultSelector:(id (^)(id,id))resultSelector;
  • (NSEnumerator *)groupJoin:(NSEnumerator *)secondEnumerator

            firstSelector:(id<nscopying> (^)(id object))firstSelector
           secondSelector:(id<nscopying> (^)(id object))secondSelector;

  • Export methods

    - (NSArray *)toArray;
  • (NSSet *)toSet;

  • (NSDictionary *)toDictionary;

  • (NSDictionary *)toDictionary:(id (^)(id object))keySelector;

  • (NSDictionary *)toLookup;

  • (NSDictionary *)toLookup:(id (^)(id object))keySelector;

  • Generation Methods

    + (NSEnumerator *)range:(int)start count:(int)count;
    • (NSEnumerator *)repeat:(id)item count:(int)count;
    • (NSEnumerator *)empty;

    I/O Methods

    + (NSEnumerator *)readBytes:(NSString *)path;
  • (NSEnumerator *)readLines:(NSString *)path;
  • NSString Category Methods

    + (id)stringByJoin:(NSEnumerator *)unichars
       withSeparator:(NSString *)separator;
    • (NSEnumerator *)enumerateCharacters;
    • (NSEnumerator *)enumerateComponentsSeparatedByString:(NSString *)separator
    • (NSEnumerator *)enumerateComponentsSeparatedByString:(NSString *)separator;

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