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A library for formalizing Haskell types and functions in Coq

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This library is designed for Haskell users who are either using Coq to build code intended for extraction to Haskell, or who wish to prototype/prove their algorithms in Coq. It provides a collection of definitions and notations to make Gallina more familiar to Haskellers.

It is based on the ssreflect library, and avoids most uses of the Coq standard library (except for the

type). Wherever possible, Haskell named functions and types are simply aliases for their Coq equivalents, to facilitate interaction with other Coq users. This means, for example, that one should use
a + b
with constructors named

Thus, the aim is not to make Coq look exactly like Haskell, but only to smooth the divide.

This library also allows the use of Haskell Monads within Coq developments, with one caveat: In order to satisfy the extraction machinery, entry-points on the Coq side (as well as calls back) must use

Yoneda m a
rather than simply
m a
, since the latter fully erases the

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