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(NSFW) Organize your local Japanese Adult Video (JAV) library

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Javinizer (JAV Organizer)

A commandline and GUI based PowerShell module used to scrape metadata and sort your local Japanese Adult Video (JAV) files into a media library compatible format.

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  • Highly customizable. An assortment of scrapers are available for you to mix-and-match metadata with. Scrapers sources include sites such as Javlibrary, R18, Dmm (Fanza), JavBus, Jav321, AVEntertainment, MGStage, and DLGetchu. Various .csv settings files are also provided to customize your metadata even further.

  • Flexible file detection. Multiple methods are provided to detect your local JAV files such as the built-in file matcher as well as a customizable regex string.

  • Multi-language support. Scraper sources provide English, Japanese, and occasionally Chinese language support. Machine translation modules are also available to translate individual metadata fields of your choice.

  • You own the data. Metadata .nfo files are created for each JAV file to be read by a media library application. Contrary to a media library metadata plugin, if an online scraper suddenly disappears, you still keep your metadata.

Getting Started

View the full Javinizer installation and usage documentation on GitBook.


To run Javinizer, you will need to install following:

NOTE: You will need to add Python and MediaInfo to your system PATH. Windows calls

, while Unix/MacOS calls
# Install the python modules using pip. If running Unix/MacOS, use pip3/python3
> pip install pillow
> pip install googletrans==4.0.0rc1
> pip install google_trans_new


After installing the required prerequisites, run the following command in an administrator PowerShell 7 console to install the Javinizer module. If this is your first time using PowerShell, you may run into some prompts about security policies. Follow the instructions given in the prompts to unrestrict the code.

# Install the module from PowerShell gallery
> Install-Module Javinizer

Check that the module has been installed; if error, restart your console

> Javinizer -v

Quick start (CLI)

Here are some common commands that you can run with Javinizer:

# Run a command to sort your JAV files using default settings
> Javinizer -Path "C:\JAV\Unsorted" -DestinationPath "C:\JAV\Sorted"

Run a command to sort your JAV files while searching folders recursively

> Javinizer -Path "C:\JAV\Unsorted" -DestinationPath "C:\JAV\Sorted" -Recurse

Run a command to sort a JAV file using direct URLs

> Javinizer -Path "C:\JAV\Unsorted\IPX-535.mp4" -Url '', ''

Run a command to find metadata

> Javinizer -Find "ABP-420" -Javlibrary

Run a command to find metadata and aggregate it according to your settings file

> Javinizer -Find "ABP-420" -Javlibrary -R18 -DmmJa -Aggregated

Run a command to find metadata, aggregate it according to your settings file, and output the nfo

> Javinizer -Find "ABP-420" -Javlibrary -R18 -DmmJa -Aggregated -Nfo

Open the Javinizer settings configuration

> Javinizer -OpenSettings

Update your Javinizer module

> Javinizer -UpdateModule

View the Javinizer commandline help (may not be up to date)

> Javinizer -Help

Quick start (GUI)

NOTE The GUI version of Javinizer is not updated at the same rate as the CLI version. For a more streamlined experience, I recommend using the CLI version unless you require the visual feedback and customization during your sorts.

After running the GUI, view the docs for first-time setup to import the Javinizer dashboard into PowerShell Universal.


# Install PowerShell Universal to Javinizer module folder
> Javinizer -InstallGUI

Runs the PowerShell Universal application and opens the Javinizer GUI

> Javinizer -OpenGUI


docker run --name javinizer -p 5000:5000 -d jvlflame/javinizer:latest


-v path/to/appdata:/home/data -v path/to/settingsFile:/home/Javinizer/src/Javinizer/jvSettings.json

Example Output

A few examples of Javinizer's sort output are listed below.

Basic Folder Structures

"sort.format.folder": " [] -  (<year>)",
"sort.format.outputfolder": []
├─IDBD-979 [Idea Pocket] - Yume Nishinomiya Ultimate Blowjob... (2020)
│      fanart.jpg
│      folder.jpg
│      IDBD-979.mp4
│      IDBD-979.nfo
├─IPX-399 [Idea Pocket] - Shes Luring You To Temptation... (2019)
│      fanart.jpg
│      folder.jpg
│      IPX-399.mp4
│      IPX-399.nfo
├─IPX-485 [Idea Pocket] - A Big Tits Wife Who Got Fucked... (2020)
│      fanart.jpg
│      folder.jpg
│      IPX-485.mp4
│      IPX-485.nfo

Advanced Folder Structures

"sort.format.folder": " [] - ",
"sort.format.outputfolder": ["<actors>", "<year>"]
├─Nishimiya Yume
│  └─2020
│      └─IDBD-979 [Idea Pocket] - Yume Nishinomiya Ultimate Blowjob...
│          │  fanart.jpg
│          │  folder.jpg
│          │  IDBD-979-trailer.mp4
│          │  IDBD-979.mp4
│          │  IDBD-979.nfo
│          │
│          ├─.actors
│          │      Nishimiya_Yume.jpg
│          │
│          └─extrafanart
│                  fanart1.jpg
│                  fanart2.jpg
│                  fanart3.jpg
└─Sakura Momo
    │  └─IPX-399 [Idea Pocket] - Shes Luring You To Temptation...
    │      │  fanart.jpg
    │      │  folder.jpg
    │      │  IPX-399-trailer.mp4
    │      │  IPX-399.mp4
    │      │  IPX-399.nfo
    │      │
    │      ├─.actors
    │      │      Sakura_Momo.jpg
    │      │
    │      └─extrafanart
    │              fanart1.jpg
    │              fanart2.jpg
    │              fanart3.jpg
        └─IPX-485 [Idea Pocket] - A Big Tits Wife Who Got Fucked...
            │  fanart.jpg
            │  folder.jpg
            │  IPX-485-trailer.mp4
            │  IPX-485.mp4
            │  IPX-485.nfo
            │      Sakura_Momo.jpg

Metadata Output .nfo

A .nfo metadata file is created for each movie.

    [IDBD-979] Yume Nishinomiya Ultimate Blowjoc Complete BEST - Lots of Cum, 40 Shots!
    西宮ゆめ 至高のフェラチオコンプリートBEST 大量射精40発!
    Idea Pocket
    Beautiful Girl
    Deep Throat
    Digital Mosaic
    Actress Best Compilation
        Nishimiya Yume

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