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The npm package for using the Discord Bot Dashboard inside your own source code

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Discord Bot Dashboard

Maintenance Discord Server Shield License: MIT Twitter: julianYaman

⚠️ WARNING: The project is currently neither in a working state nor maintained ⚠️

The control dashboard every bot developer searched for! Control your bot and get detailed analytics by using Discord Bot Dashboard (name not final)

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📃 About the project

With the Discord Dashboard, you are able to track and monitor keen information of your bot to ensure the best quality for your users. Things like, which commands were most used and how many users are utilizing your bot.

The dashboard also offers you to have your own customizable logging for tracking down bugs and finding where you can improve.

You'll also have the ability to monitor system data and see how much RAM your bot uses alongside plenty more features waiting to be used:

  • Online user statistics
  • Server statistics
  • Command usage (Most used, Least used and Arguments used)
  • System data (CPU, GPU and RAM usage)
  • Customizable logging system
  • Hourly usage of bot commands
  • More to come in the future...

All these statistics will be analyzed in a user friendly way that will allow you to see where an issue may occure.

In the future, you'll be able to change the presence data without having the need of doing hard changes on the codebase.

🖥️ Using the dashboard

To use the dashboard, we recommend you look into the starters guide.

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Copyright © 2020 Julian Yaman [email protected].
This project is MIT licensed.

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