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This repository contains script to test your libft project. The script will do the following tests :

  • Check if libft.h exists
  • Check norme of libft.h
  • Check if the Makefile file exists
  • Check rules in Makefile
  • Check compilation's flag in Makefile
  • Compil library
  • Check norme errors
  • Check forbidden functions
  • Tests functions

At the end of the tests, a deepthought file will be created, inside which you can find all the results and error/failure messages. You can also see your results in tests directory.

The script will compil your files with your libft, so you must have your Makefile up to date.

:warning:All the tests made are not the official tests:warning:

Getting Started


git clone

The project needs

compiler. Make sure it is installed.

Old libft subject

To test the old libft subject, you have to go to the branch old-libft.


If you run the script for the first time, it will automatically create
file and ask you to edit it with the path of your libft project. You can also choose the colors that will be used and the path where the deepthought file will be created.

Running script

Run the script from the directory where you cloned

or run the script with the path
bash /path/where/you/cloned/

Options available

| Option | Description | | --- | --- | |


| Display help and exit | |
| Disable color | |
| Disable searching Makefile and author files | |
| When compiling library, test all the Makefile's rules (instead of doing only make re and checking if other rules exist). | |
| Disable compiling library | |
| Disable checking forbidden functions | |
| Disable norminette | |
| Disable checking updates at launch | |
| Disable part 1 tests | |
| Disable part 2 tests | |
| Disable bonus part tests | |
| Disable additional part tests | |
| Do only part 1 tests | |
| Do only part 2 tests | |
| Do only bonus part tests | |
| Do only additional part tests | |
| Test only this function |

Add successively all options you want, in the order you want. For example :

bash ft_atoi -f ft_strlen -n

Supported functions

All the supported functions are listed on this page.


Any suggestions or bugs reporting ? Contact [email protected]


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  • tlernoul

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