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A Python client for statsd

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A Python statsd client

statsd_ is a friendly front-end to Graphite_. This is a Python client for the statsd daemon.

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Quickly, to use:

.. code-block:: python

>>> import statsd
>>> c = statsd.StatsClient('localhost', 8125)
>>> c.incr('foo')  # Increment the 'foo' counter.
>>> c.timing('stats.timed', 320)  # Record a 320ms 'stats.timed'.

You can also add a prefix to all your stats:

.. code-block:: python

>>> import statsd
>>> c = statsd.StatsClient('localhost', 8125, prefix='foo')
>>> c.incr('bar')  # Will be '' in statsd/graphite.


The easiest way to install statsd is with pip!

You can install from PyPI::

$ pip install statsd

Or GitHub::

$ pip install -e git+

Or from source::

$ git clone
$ cd pystatsd
$ python install


There are lots of docs in the

directory and on ReadTheDocs_.

.. _statsd: .. _Graphite: .. _ReadTheDocs:

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