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Leaflet plugin to create map icons using Maki Icons from Mapbox.

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Leaflet plugin to create map icons using Maki Icons from Mapbox. Markers are retrieved from Mapbox's Static Marker API.




in your page after you include

The most recent version of Mapbox's static API (v4) requires that a valid access token be specified with every request. Please see https://www.mapbox.com/api-documentation/?language=CLI#access-tokens for more information.

//First, specify your Mapbox API access token
L.MakiMarkers.accessToken = "";

// Specify a Maki icon name, hex color, and size (s, m, or l). // A list of available icon names can be found at // https://raw.githubusercontent.com/mapbox/maki/master/layouts/all.json // Lowercase letters a-z and digits 0-9 can also be used. A value of null will result in no icon. // Color may also be set to null, which will result in a gray marker. var icon = L.MakiMarkers.icon({icon: "rocket", color: "#b0b", size: "m"}); L.marker([30.287, -97.72], {icon: icon}).addTo(map);

See index.html for a more complete example of how to use this plugin.


Leaflet 0.5+


Thanks to Mapbox for making their Marker API available and for the Maki icon set.

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