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πŸ€– A curated list of machine learning & artificial intelligence startups in Berlin (Germany)

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Awesome Machine Learning Startups Berlin Awesome

πŸ€– A curated list of machine learning & artificial intelligence startups in Berlin (Germany)


This list is by no means complete. If you think a company should be added or a description is wrong, please make a PR or ping me on Twitter or via email. Startups are listed in alphabetical order. Metadata is pulled automatically from LinkedIn and may not be accurate or up to date.

πŸ‘· = employees
πŸ”Ž = openings (may be outdated!)
πŸ’° = funding

πŸ“š Natural language processing

deepset: Natural language processing and neural search for developers & enterprise <!--linkedin:deepset-ai-->  πŸ‘· 10<!--endlinkedin--> Tools for machine learning and NLP (e.g. spaCy) <!--linkedin:explosion-ai-->  πŸ‘· 6<!--endlinkedin-->

Lateral: ML platform that helps teams with knowledge tasks by capturing their expertise <!--linkedin:lateral-gmbh-->  πŸ‘· 7  πŸ’° 3 rounds<!--endlinkedin-->

lengoo: Translation service combining AI and linguists <!--linkedin:lengoo-->  πŸ‘· 130  πŸ”Ž 1  πŸ’° Series A<!--endlinkedin-->

πŸ—£οΈ Voice & sound Voice processing for companies <!--linkedin:aaron-gmbh-->  πŸ‘· 20  πŸ”Ž 11  πŸ’° Seed<!--endlinkedin-->

Audatic: Sound modification to filter unwanted sounds and enhance interesting ones <!--linkedin:audatic-ai-->  πŸ‘· 14  πŸ”Ž 2<!--endlinkedin-->

Pixtunes: Real-time soundtracks generated by AI <!--linkedin:pixtunes-->  πŸ‘· 15  πŸ”Ž 9<!--endlinkedin-->

πŸ€– Chatbots & customer service

i2x: Real-time conversation analytics and coaching for customer interactions <!--linkedin:i2x-ai-->  πŸ‘· 44  πŸ’° Series A<!--endlinkedin-->

RASA: Framework for chatbots/AI assisstants and NLP tasks <!--linkedin:rasa.-->  πŸ‘· 127  πŸ”Ž 8  πŸ’° Series B<!--endlinkedin-->

solvemate: Platform for customer service automation <!--linkedin:solvemate-->  πŸ‘· 41  πŸ”Ž 2  πŸ’° 4 rounds<!--endlinkedin-->

Twyla: Conversation design software for chatbots <!--linkedin:twyla-ai-->  πŸ‘· 5  πŸ’° Seed<!--endlinkedin--> Customer service automation <!>  πŸ‘· 61  πŸ’° Series A<!--endlinkedin--> Voice analysis for coaching in customer service <!--linkedin:voixen-->  πŸ‘· 13<!--endlinkedin-->

πŸ‘οΈ Computer vision

Mobius Labs: Superhuman vision for every application <!--linkedin:mobiuslabs-->  πŸ‘· 26<!--endlinkedin-->

Parkling: Computer vision solutions for parking <!--linkedin:parkling-->  πŸ‘· 17  πŸ”Ž 1<!--endlinkedin-->

Peregrine: Real-time traffic video analytics <!--linkedin:peregrine-ai-->  πŸ‘· 16<!--endlinkedin-->

🧾 Document processing

Hypatos: Document processing with deep learning <!--linkedin:hypatos-->  πŸ‘· 33  πŸ”Ž 10  πŸ’° Seed<!--endlinkedin-->

Smacc: Invoice processing with AI <!--linkedin:smacc-gmbh-->  πŸ‘· 17  πŸ’° 5 rounds<!--endlinkedin-->

Workist: Automation of document processing & administrative processes <!--linkedin:workist-com-->  πŸ‘· 10<!--endlinkedin-->

πŸ”Ž Search & recommendation

Jina AI: An easier way to build neural search in the cloud <!--linkedin:jinaai-->  πŸ‘· 23  πŸ”Ž 19  πŸ’° 2 rounds<!--endlinkedin-->

JustWatch: Recommendation system for streaming services <!--linkedin:justwatch-->  πŸ‘· 87  πŸ”Ž 1  πŸ’° Seed<!--endlinkedin-->

Nyris: Computer vision-powered, custom search engine <!--linkedin:nyris-->  πŸ‘· 29  πŸ”Ž 4<!--endlinkedin-->

πŸš— Self-driving cars

Goggo Network: Networks of autonomous cars <!--linkedin:goggo-network-->  πŸ‘· 16  πŸ’° Series A<!--endlinkedin-->

deepsafety: AI safety solutions for autonomous driving <!--linkedin:deepsafety-->  πŸ‘· 4<!--endlinkedin-->

MOTOR AI: Autonomous driving system based on cognitive neuroscience <!--linkedin:motorai-->  πŸ‘· 11<!--endlinkedin-->

Phantasma Labs: Simulations for self-driving cars <!--linkedin:phantasma-labs-limited-->  πŸ‘· 4<!--endlinkedin-->

REE Technology: Stealth-mode startup creating a new mobility solution <!--linkedin:reetechnology-->  πŸ‘· 69<!--endlinkedin-->

SiaSearch: Smart data decisions for automotive developers <!--linkedin:siasearch-->  πŸ‘· 15  πŸ”Ž 1<!--endlinkedin-->

Teraki: Data mobility applications <!--linkedin:teraki-->  πŸ‘· 53  πŸ”Ž 7  πŸ’° 9 rounds<!--endlinkedin-->

πŸ€– Robots

enway: Autonomous cleaning robot for industry applications <!--linkedin:enway-->  πŸ‘· 45  πŸ’° Seed<!--endlinkedin-->

Micropsi Industries: Robots that can be trained by humans <!--linkedin:micropsi-industries-->  πŸ‘· 41  πŸ”Ž 3  πŸ’° Series A<!--endlinkedin-->

πŸ’‰ Medicine

Ada Health: AI-powered health & diagnosis app <!--linkedin:ada-health-->  πŸ‘· 207  πŸ”Ž 29  πŸ’° Series A<!--endlinkedin-->

ai4medicine: Data analytics for prevention, treatment, and understanding of diseases <!--linkedin:ai4medicine-->  πŸ‘· 6  πŸ’° Seed<!--endlinkedin-->

AICURA medical: Infrastructure for learning on spatially distributed medical data <!--linkedin:aicura-medical-->  πŸ‘· 12  πŸ’° 2 rounds<!--endlinkedin-->

Aignostics: AI-powered precision diagnostics for pathology <!--linkedin:aignostics-->  πŸ‘· 19  πŸ’° Seed<!--endlinkedin-->

mediaire: Analysis of MRI images for brain volumetry and lesion characterization <!--linkedin:mediaire-->  πŸ‘· 19  πŸ”Ž 1  πŸ’° Seed<!--endlinkedin-->

Nocturne: Measurement of retinal shape changes for neurology <!--linkedin:nocturne-gmbh-->  πŸ‘· 2<!--endlinkedin-->

Vara: Breast cancer screening platform powered by AI <!--linkedin:vara-ai-->  πŸ‘· 31  πŸ”Ž 1  πŸ’° Series A<!--endlinkedin-->

πŸ”¬ Science & engineering

Cambrium: Machine learning-assisted design of protein-based biomaterials <!--linkedin:cambrium-bio-->  πŸ‘· 6  πŸ”Ž 3<!--endlinkedin--> Zero-iteration manufacturing for semiconductors <!--linkedin:conductivai-->  πŸ‘· 3  πŸ’° 1 round<!--endlinkedin-->

Nostos Genomics: AI-driven deciphering of genetic diseases <!--linkedin:nostosgenomics-->  πŸ‘· 6  πŸ’° 1 round<!--endlinkedin-->

UP42: Platform for earth data and analytics <!--linkedin:up42-->  πŸ‘· 56  πŸ”Ž 2<!--endlinkedin-->

πŸ’° Business

7Learnings: Smart dynamic pricing solution <!--linkedin:7learnings-->  πŸ‘· 9<!--endlinkedin-->

future demand: Predict and optimize demand, e.g. for concert tickets <!--linkedin:future-demand-->  πŸ‘· 18<!--endlinkedin-->

Inspirient: AI-driven business analytics and anomaly detection <!--linkedin:inspirient-->  πŸ‘· 4  πŸ’° Seed<!--endlinkedin-->

Kausa: Business intelligence venture that helps to understand changing KPIs <!--linkedin:kausa-ai-->  πŸ‘· 7  πŸ”Ž 3<!--endlinkedin--> Proving business value of AI in less than 4 weeks <!--linkedin:kineo-ai-->  πŸ‘· 5<!--endlinkedin-->

Mapegy: Platform for information about global innovation <!--linkedin:mapegy-->  πŸ‘· 12  πŸ”Ž 1  πŸ’° Seed<!--endlinkedin-->

omni:us: AI for insurance claims <!--linkedin:omniushq-->  πŸ‘· 72  πŸ’° Series A<!--endlinkedin--> Intelligent anomaly detection assistant <!--linkedin:streem-ai-->  πŸ‘· 12<!--endlinkedin-->

Tracks: Platform for intelligent logistics & supply chain management <!--linkedin:tracksfortrucks-->  πŸ‘· 17  πŸ’° Seed<!--endlinkedin-->

πŸ‘” Consulting

CodePan: Data science R&D lab, focused on sustainability <!--linkedin:code-pan-->  πŸ‘· 10  πŸ”Ž 1<!--endlinkedin-->

dida: Custom Workflow-Automation Software <!--linkedin:dida-datenschmiede-->  πŸ‘· 20<!--endlinkedin-->

Gestalt Robotics: Service provider for industrial automation <!--linkedin:gestaltrobotics-->  πŸ‘· 17<!--endlinkedin-->

Merantix Labs: Innovative AI solutions for companies <!--linkedin:merantix-labs-->  πŸ‘· 15<!--endlinkedin-->

neurocat: Research, consulting and dev-ops for AI <!--linkedin:neurocatai-->  πŸ‘· 26<!--endlinkedin-->

Unbelievable Machine Company: Consulting for big data/AI, cloud & security <!--linkedin:the-unbelievable-machine-company-gmbh-->  πŸ‘· 106  πŸ”Ž 2<!--endlinkedin-->

πŸš€ Other

Bliq: AI-powered assistant app for drivers of ridesharing services <!--linkedin:bliq-ai-->  πŸ‘· 12  πŸ’° Seed<!--endlinkedin-->

Merantix: AI Venture Builder and Studio <!--linkedin:merantix-->  πŸ‘· 33  πŸ”Ž 5  πŸ’° Series A<!--endlinkedin-->

Parcello: Delivery time prediction for parcels <!--linkedin:parcellogmbh-->  πŸ‘· 3<!--endlinkedin-->

Statice: Data anonymization through synthetic data <!--linkedin:staticeberlin-->  πŸ‘· 17  πŸ’° Seed<!--endlinkedin-->

Twenty Billion Neurons: Virtual assistants and coaches <!--linkedin:twenty-billion-neurons-gmbh-->  πŸ‘· 40  πŸ’° Series A<!--endlinkedin-->

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