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SQLCipher bindings for Node

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Fork of node-sqlite3, modified to use SQLCipher.

While the

project does include support for compiling against sqlcipher, it requires manual work, and does not work out-of-the-box on Electron on Windows. This fork changes the default configuration to bundle SQLCipher directly, as well as OpenSSL where required.

Supported platforms

Binaries are built against N-API 3 and 6, on MacOS, Windows (ia32 and x64) and Linux (x64).

Node 10+ and Electron 6+ is supported.

Other platforms/architectures may work by building from source - see the section below.


yarn add "@journeyapps/sqlcipher"
# Or: npm install --save "@journeyapps/sqlcipher"


var sqlite3 = require('@journeyapps/sqlcipher').verbose();
var db = new sqlite3.Database('test.db');

db.serialize(function() { // This is the default, but it is good to specify explicitly:"PRAGMA cipher_compatibility = 4");

// To open a database created with SQLCipher 3.x, use this: //"PRAGMA cipher_compatibility = 3");"PRAGMA key = 'mysecret'");"CREATE TABLE lorem (info TEXT)");

var stmt = db.prepare("INSERT INTO lorem VALUES (?)"); for (var i = 0; i < 10; i++) {"Ipsum " + i); } stmt.finalize();

db.each("SELECT rowid AS id, info FROM lorem", function(err, row) { console.log( + ": " +; }); });



A copy of the source for SQLCipher 4.4.2 is bundled, which is based on SQLite 3.33.0.

Building from source.

This is done automatically by node-pre-gyp when installing on a platform without pre-built binaries. This should generally not be required with later versions, since two pre-built versions (N-API 3 and N-API 6) cover all electron and node versions.

However, this does require some additional setup, and is likely to run against obscure errors when installing.




  • Visual Studio 2015
  • Python 2.7

Usage with electron-forge / electron-rebuild

electron-forge uses electron-rebuild and attempts to rebuild this library from source by default, in a way that is not compatible with the way

is used here.

The workaround is to disable the rebuilding: 1. If using Electron 11+, use a node version that supports N-API 6+ (v10.20.0+ / v12.17.0+ / v14.0.0). 2. After

npm install
yarn install
, make sure that the folder
exists. If not, check the previous step again, remove the
folder, and try again. 3. Disable rebuilding of this library using the
option of
in your
    "config": {
        "forge": {
            "electronRebuildConfig": {
                "onlyModules": []  // Specify other native modules here if required

Note: electron-builder does not appear to have this issue, and should work directly. Similarly, using electron directly should just work, but do check that a compatible node version is used (see above).


SQLCipher depends on OpenSSL.

For Windows, we bundle OpenSSL 1.1.1i. Binaries are generated using vckpg (e.g.,

.\vcpkg\vcpkg install openssl:x64-windows-static

On Mac we build against OpenSSL installed via brew, but statically link it so that end-users do not need to install it.

On Linux we dynamically link against the system OpenSSL.


See the API documentation in the wiki.

Documentation for the SQLCipher extension is available here.


mocha is required to run unit tests.

In sqlite3's directory (where its

resides) run the following:
npm install --build-from-source
npm test


To publish a new version, run:

npm version minor -m "%s [publish binary]"
npm publish

Publishing of the prebuilt binaries is performed on CircleCI.


Most of the work in this library is from the node-sqlite3 library by MapBox.

Additionally, some of the SQLCipher-related changes are based on a fork by liubiggun.


is BSD licensed.

Copyright (c) 2016, ZETETIC LLC
under the BSD license.

is Public Domain

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