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Models of Musical Creativity (in Clojure)

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Computer models of musical creativity

Experiments with models for computers generating music.


(require '[musical-creativity.musician :as musician] :reload)
(use '[musical-creativity.instruments] :reload)

;Cosine (require '[musical-creativity.composers.cosine :as cosine] :reload) (musician/play (cosine/compose) piano)

;Cellular automata (require '[musical-creativity.composers.cellular-automata :as ca] :reload) (musician/play (ca/compose) organ) (musician/play (ca/compose ca/rule-22) sawish)

;Sonify data (require '[musical-creativity.composers.sonify-data :as sonify-data] :reload) (musician/play (sonify-data/compose) piano)

;Sonify text (require '[musical-creativity.composers.sonify-words :as sonify-words] :reload) (musician/play (sonify-words/compose "Strange Loop Strange Loop") piano) (musician/play (sonify-words/compose "potato potato") ping)

;Network (Using adaptive resonance theory) (require '[ :as network] :reload) (musician/play (network/compose) piano)

;Markov chains (require '[musical-creativity.composers.markov :as markov] :reload) (musician/play (markov/compose) piano) (musician/play (markov/compose) ping)

(musician/play (markov/compose data.bach/bach1 [57 60 69] 1 50) piano)

;with phrase mapping (musician/play (markov/compose data.bach/bach1 [57] 16 (* 5 16)) piano)

;with naive voice extraction and phrase mapping (require '[musical-creativity.analyzer :as analyzer] :reload) ; first extracted voice only and phrase mapping (musician/play (markov/compose (first (-> data.bach/bach1 analyzer/group-by-time analyzer/extract-voices-min-distance)) [57] 16 (* 16 5)) piano) ; all voices added to model separately and phrase mapping (musician/play (markov/compose (flatten (-> data.bach/bach1 analyzer/group-by-time analyzer/extract-voices-min-distance)) [57] 16 (* 16 5)) piano)

;multiple markov models (let [lead-voice 1 standard-prep #(-> % analyzer/group-by-time analyzer/extract-voices-min-distance) dur-prep #(->> % analyzer/group-by-time analyzer/extract-durations (map (fn [d] {:duration d})) vector)] (markov/compose-multi-model data.bach/bach1 50 :pitch (markov/transition-source standard-prep 1 8 1 lead-voice) :voices (markov/transition-source #(-> % analyzer/group-by-time vector) 1 4 1 0) :harmonics (markov/harmonic-source standard-prep lead-voice [0 2 3]) :duration (markov/transition-source dur-prep 1 4 4 :all) :velocity (markov/constant-source 128)))

;Fuzzy (require '[musical-creativity.composers.fuzzy :as fuzzy] :reload) (musician/play (fuzzy/compose) piano)

;Improvise ;(very experimental) (require '[musical-creativity.composers.improvise :as improvise] :reload) (musician/play (improvise/compose) piano)

(require '[ :as band] :reload) (band/play (improvise/compose))

;Recombinance (Based on Bach Choral no. 140) (require '[musical-creativity.composers.recombinance :as recombinance] :reload) (require '[data.bach :as bach] :reload) (recombinance/create-database-from bach/chorale-140-data) (musician/play (recombinance/compose) organ) (musician/play (recombinance/compose) piano) (musician/play (recombinance/compose) slow-piano)

(musician/play (recombinance/compose-original) piano)

;Gradus (with each run Gradus learns how to better compose) (require '[musical-creativity.composers.gradus :as gradus] :reload)

(musician/play (gradus/compose) piano)

(musician/play (gradus/compose-canon) piano)

(musician/play (gradus/compose-canon data.gradus/cantus-firmus-1) piano) (musician/play (gradus/compose-canon data.gradus/cantus-firmus-2) piano) (musician/play (gradus/compose-canon data.gradus/cantus-firmus-7) piano)

(musician/play (gradus/compose-contemporary) piano)

Association Network (Apprentice)

(require '[musical-creativity.composers.apprentice :as apprentice] :reload)
(require '[musical-creativity.composers.apprentice.player :refer :all] :reload)

(apprentice/apprentice play-all)

An example musical conversion:

user> ceg!
user> gbd?
alice> ceg!
user> ceg fac gbd?
alice> fac ceg ceg!
user> ceg fac gbd ceg!
alice> gbd?
user> ceg!
alice> gbd?
user> gbd?
alice> ceg!



A non musical dialog example:

user> hello!
Alice> your what your is name?
user> my name is joseph!
Alice> name?
user> your name is computer!
Alice> name?
user> what is my name?
Alice> joseph!
user> what is your name?
Alice> computer!
user> no*
user> what is your name?
Alice> joseph!


(musical-creativity.musician/play (map data.bach.chorale-140/b11606b) piano)

(require '[musical-creativity.composers.recombinance :as recombinance] :reload) (require '[data.bach :as bach] :reload) (recombinance/create-database-from bach/chorale-140-data)

(musical-creativity.musician/play (map ('b11606b-22 @beats-store)))


Based on exercises from:

Computer Models of Musical Creativity

Computer Models of Musical Creativity

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