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Out of time: automated lip sync in the wild

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This repository contains the demo for the audio-to-video synchronisation network (SyncNet). This network can be used for audio-visual synchronisation tasks including: 1. Removing temporal lags between the audio and visual streams in a video; 2. Determining who is speaking amongst multiple faces in a video.

Please cite the paper below if you make use of the software.


pip install -r requirements.txt

In addition,

is required.


SyncNet demo:

python --videofile data/example.avi --tmp_dir /path/to/temp/directory

Check that this script returns:

AV offset:      3 
Min dist:       5.353
Confidence:     10.021

Full pipeline:

python --videofile /path/to/video.mp4 --reference name_of_video --data_dir /path/to/output
python --videofile /path/to/video.mp4 --reference name_of_video --data_dir /path/to/output
python --videofile /path/to/video.mp4 --reference name_of_video --data_dir /path/to/output


$DATA_DIR/pycrop/$REFERENCE/*.avi - cropped face tracks
$DATA_DIR/pywork/$REFERENCE/offsets.txt - audio-video offset values
$DATA_DIR/pyavi/$REFERENCE/video_out.avi - output video (as shown below)


  author       = "Chung, J.~S. and Zisserman, A.",
  title        = "Out of time: automated lip sync in the wild",
  booktitle    = "Workshop on Multi-view Lip-reading, ACCV",
  year         = "2016",

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