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What is Joomla?

  • Joomla! is a Content Management System (CMS) which enables you to build websites and powerful online applications.
  • It is a simple and powerful web server application which requires a server with PHP and either MySQL or PostgreSQL to run. You can find full technical requirements here.
  • Joomla! is free and Open Source software distributed under the GNU General Public License version 2 or later.

Looking for an installable package?

Joomla is not installable out of the box from this repository, please use: - For the latest stable package: - For a nightly package:

How to get a working installation from the source

For detailed instructions please visit

You will need: - PHP - basically the same as you need for running a Joomla Site, but you need the cli (command line interface) Version (see - Composer - for managing Joomla's PHP Dependencies. For help installing composer please read the documentation at - Node.js - for compiling Joomla's Javascript and SASS files. For help installing Node.js please follow the instructions available on - Git - for version management. Download from here (MacOS users can also use Brew and Linux users can use the built-in package manager, eg apt, yum, etc).

Steps to setup the local environment: - Clone the repository:

git clone [email protected]:joomla/joomla-cms.git
- Go to the joomla-cms folder:
cd joomla-cms
- Go to the 4.0-dev branch:
git checkout 4.0-dev
- Install all the needed composer packages:
composer install
- Install all the needed npm packages:
npm ci

Things to be aware of when pulling: Joomla creates a cache of the namespaces of its extensions in

. If extensions are created, deleted or removed in git then this file needs to be recreated. You can simply delete the file and it will be regenerated on the next call to Joomla.

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