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Query the mathpix API to convert math images to LaTeX

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is now on CRAN, so you can install using

If you’re after newer development features (if there are any); you can install from GitHub using



The free API key has been removed due to overuse. Please sign up at then save your ID and key in your

file as

Note that this requires you to accept Mathpix’s terms and conditions and sign up for any relevant pricing scheme.

You can check that your credentials are loaded correctly with



If you have an image you would rather properly encode in LaTeX, for example

then simply calling


(with the appropriate path to the file) will insert a LaTeX block into your document which will render what the image represents

 \int \frac { 4 x } { \sqrt { x ^ { 2 } + 1 } } d x  

which renders to

Even complicated, hand-drawn figures work

 A = \left( \begin{array} { l l l } { 2 } & { 7 } & { 3 } \\ { 3 } & { 5 } & { 2 } \\ { 9 } & { 4 } & { 1 } \\ \end{array} \right)  

If your image only result in warnings and no LaTeX, use

retry = TRUE
to attempt some pre-processing of the image into a more amenable form. Unfortunately, there are still images which fail.

To not insert the resulting equation directly into your document, but rather store it in a variable, use

insert = FALSE

If you also wish to generate the images (although

will gladly do this for you) this can be achieved using
render_latex(latex, fileDir)


is the LaTeX generated by
(or any other escaped LaTeX) and
is the (optional) directory where you wish to save the image (by default, a temp file). This requires that you have
set up correctly and available on your machine.

API Documentation

Refer to

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