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Self-driving smallscale truck with wireless charging - Master thesis @ NTNU 2019

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SINTEF Self-Driving Truck w/induction charger

This repository contains code for a self-driving smallscale truck with wireless inductive charging. It is part of a master thesis in cybernetics and robotics at NTNU 2019, and contains code for three different path following methods: - SLAM with Pure Pursuit (and Stanley steering) steering controller - Supervised Deep Learning steering controller with OpenCV - Lane Detector with steering controller (PID) and OpenCV

The system is based on Ubuntu 16.04 with ROS Kinetic running on a Nvidia Jetson TX2. The truck itself is controlled by a Teensy 3.2 microcontroller. Other components used are the RPlidar A2M8 lidar and the Logitech C922 webcam.


To start the autonomous system, type:

$ roslaunch car_cmd run.launch  

ROS nodes

| Folder | Functionality | | ------ | ------ | |Teensy|Contains the code for the Teensy microcontroller| |ackermannodom | Estimates odometry for Ackermann vehicle with IMU | |arucodetector|For detecting ArUco markers with camera, also contains generator| |canchargernode|ROS CAN bus interface for Jetson TX2| |carcmd|Central node for publishing car commands to microcontroller| |cargui|Graphical User Interface for status overviews| |carsetuptf|TF broadcaster (baselink to laser)| |cvlanetracker|OpenCV Lane Detector for center offset measure| |dnnsimulator|Deep Learning controller for Udacity Simulator, with trainer| |dnnsteeringnode|Deep Learning steering controller, also contains trainer and data logger| |escvelpub|Estimates velocity from controller command (sensorless)| |heartbeatbroadcaster|Publishes alive msgs to microcontroller| |pathtrackers|Pure Pursuit and Stanley steering controllers| |rosbagresampler|Script for resampling a rosbag that has topics publishing at different sample rates| |rplidarpwmros|Modified RPlidar ROS node with PWM motor control ( |waypointlogger|ROS node for recording a new path

Also used:

| Name | Link | | ------ | ------ | |ROS Kinetic|| |Hector SLAM| | |Joy|| |ROS Serial|| |Udacity Self-Driving Car Simulator (Term 1, v2)||

A modified version of Hector SLAM is attached as a zip.

Demonstration video


Created for SINTEF Energy Research by Jon Eivind Stranden @ NTNU 2019

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