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Python script to download google drive files even if the daily limit of download has excedeed.

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This python script allow you to download google drive files even if the daily limit of download has excedeed using google drive API easily from the download link(s). It automatically copy the file to the google drive of the account that is provided, download the file and delete it, and it supports multiple links at once.

How to use :

First, you need to add a Google application credentials(clients_secrets.json) that can access the Google drive API from your account.

To do that, the quickest way is to : * Go to : * Click on enable drive API * Download client configuration * Rename this file client_secrets.json * Replace the one in the folder with the script (in the same place as the .exe) * (Optional) After the first launch, you can change settings in the config.ini file (download location, dowloading directly the links from the clipboard or (hasn't been tested) modify folderId with the ID of a folder on a google drive team)

You can launch it directly using python :

Use preferably python 3.6, install the requirement on the requirements.txt file with pip and launch

You can use the release (Windows Only):

You just need to download the .zip, and launch the exe.

You can make yourself the .exe :

Use auto-py-to-exe or pyinstaller, select gDriveCopyDownloader as the input.

Then you can follow the instructions on the script. Careful if you store the credentials (to avoid log-in every time), it keeps them in plain text and it can give access to your google drive(If you don't store anything sensitive and you don't care if your google drive is hacked it isn't a problem). Also, the clipboard feature supports multiple hyperlinks.

Common issues :

  • crash on startup : Check the How to use section, the client secret could be missing.
  • "This app has not been verified yet" or any other issues with client_secrets : Check the How to use section.
  • Space issues : the script could crash itself if there is not enough space on your google drive, be sure to check the bin.
  • Authentication problems : If you have any app that communicate through localhost:8080 (like Kodi), the authentication with google servers may not works.

Known limitations :

  • clipboard feature only works on Windows.
  • There might be somme issues with linux(getting the default download folder for example).
  • Currently, the script only support links with that end with : /d/XXXX, /id=XXX and /folders/XXXX .
  • The script doesn't display the speed of download in real-time.
  • It doesn't work with google files(sheet, docs,...).

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