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Spring Cloud & GitLab & Docker & Kubernetes CI template projects

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Spring Cloud & GitLab & Docker & K8S CI搭建

Spring Cloud template projects and CI with GitLab, Docker, Kubernetes Spring Cloud & K8S CI搭建.pdf


搭建Spring Cloud + GitLab + Docker + K8S的持续集成开发环境。


  • Spring Cloud Hello World工程: 基于SpringCloud 2.0.3,含Eureka,Feign/Hystrix,Gateway
  • GitLab及持续集成配置
  • Docker及本地Docker仓库
  • Kubernetes Minikube搭建及部署


CentOS7 Linux主机两台: 主机A: GitLab及GitLab Runner环境,本文档中IP为192.168.1.211 主机B:Kubernetes Minikube环境, 本文档中IP为192.168.1.201


  1. 掌握基本Spring Boot开发
  2. 掌握Linux,Git,Maven基础操作
  3. 了解Kubernetes基础知识 https://kubernetes.io/docs/tutorials/hello-minikube/
  4. 了解Docker基本概念和命令 https://docs.docker.com/get-started/
  5. 了解持续集成基础知识
  6. 了解Spring Cloud各基本组件:Eureka Server/Client,Feign,Gateway
    中文参考文档:https://springcloud.cc/ 英文参考文档:http://cloud.spring.io/spring-cloud-static/Finchley.RELEASE/multi/multi_spring-cloud.html


Spring Cloud Hello World Template

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