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Python Interactive Regular Expressions

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Python Interactive Regular Expression

PIRE is an interactive command-line interface allowing you to edit regexes live and see how your changes match against the input you specify.

.. image:: :scale: 75% :alt: example usage :align: center


Through PyPI::

$ pip install pire

Or from the project root directory::

$ python install

CLI Usage

Use --help/-h to view info on the arguments::

$ pire --help

Run pire against a text file::

$ pire application.log

Regexes used will be cached to a file in the present directory named


Pass a custom newline-delimited file with regexes::

$ pire -r app.pire application.log

Pass multiple files::

$ pire -r app.pire application.log application.log.1 application.log.2


$ pire -r app.pire application.log*


.. image:: :scale: 75% :alt: hotkeys :align: center


:0.2.0: - added several hotkeys for navigation - improved performance :0.1.1: - fixed bug with missing regex.pire file and output display :0.1.0: - curses interface implemented :0.0.1: - Project created

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