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Generate Java types from JSON or JSON Schema and annotates those types for data-binding with Jackson...

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jsonschema2pojo generates Java types from JSON Schema (or example JSON) and can annotate those types for data-binding with Jackson 1.x, Jackson 2.x or Gson.

Note: there are breaking changes between 0.5.1 and 1.0.0. Check the change log. Anything marked in bold in the 1.0.0 alpha, beta and final release is a breaking change.

Try jsonschema2pojo online
brew install jsonschema2pojo

You can use jsonschema2pojo as a Maven plugin, an Ant task, a command line utility, a Gradle plugin or embedded within your own Java app. The Getting Started guide will show you how.

A very simple Maven example:



Useful pages: * Getting started * How to contribute * Reference * Latest Javadocs * Documentation for the Maven plugin * Documentation for the Ant task

Project resources: * Downloads * Mailing list

Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0.


Special thanks to YourKit, who support this project through a free license for their full-featured YourKit Java Profiler.

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