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A lightweight Discord client mod.

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A lightweight client mod designed to enhance your Discord experience without slowing down your PC.

Support server: Discord server (https://discord.gg/XAvh9tq)


Using EnhancedDiscord, or any other client mod, is against Discord's Terms of Service. Use it at your own risk. It's very unlikely any action will be taken against you, but we take no responsibility if anything happens.


Go to https://enhanceddiscord.com and hit the 'Download' button, or if you're lazy, click here.

For more info, including installing on Linux or MacOS, see the installation wiki page.


By default, the official EnhancedDiscord theme is loaded along with a plugin that allows you to change settings of it in User Settings > EnhancedDiscord > Settings. For more info on how to change/edit your theme, see the FAQ.


A list of included plugins and their purpose is included on the plugins wiki page. It also includes some sources for finding new ED plugins.

Custom plugins

For info about how to create your own plugins, check out the custom plugins wiki page.

Having issues?

First, check out the FAQ to see if your issue is listed there. If not, ask in #support in the support server (link below.)

Suggestions? Comments?

Feel free to chat in our support server. We have a #suggestions channel as well as many others to discuss EnhancedDiscord and other topics.


Feel free to make pull requests or make your own plugins repository. If you do make your own plugins, request the 'Plugin Developer' role in the support server so you can announce your releases!

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