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OpenVPN Manager is a tool which controls OpenVPN. It is written in C# and uses the management interface of OpenVPN to control connections. Use the smart card feature in a simple way, enter passwords, monitor the OpenVPN log etc... The goal is to be a simple but powerful OpenVPN GUI.

Want to know more?

The wiki pages contain more information. Feel free to contribute!


You can download OpenVPN Manager using the download page.


OpenVPN Manager is licenced under GPL v2, see the included licence.txt


  • New in (28.04.2013) (thanks to Gaki and ezechiel1917)
    • Bugfix: long config names leads to errors when they were displayed as quick info in the taskbar notification icon
    • Honor log-append directive in config files
  • New in (27.04.2013) (thanks to gwww, ezechiel1917, EvilOlaf and dillydog)
    • IMPORTANT: before installing this version please uninstall the OpenVPN Manager service from version by running
      openvpnmanager.exe -uninstall
      as admin
    • Moved OpenVPN Manager into a separate process
    • Use log file path from config (if one is set)
    • Show connection status in quick info
    • Added support to load custom tray icons
    • Show status window while connecting
    • Several installer improvements
  • New in (04.11.2012) (thanks to PiBa-NL)
    • change: Added OpenVPNManager Service as alternative to OpenVPN Service with restarting feature (see Wiki)
    • change: time of log messages is shown in the log status window
    • change: company name JoWiSoftware used in AppData for user.settings file.
    • change: new Installer (NSIS-based) installes OpenVPN Manager, OpenVPN and downloads the .NET Framework if it is missing
    • change: some UI-changes
    • change: Username and Password fields select text on focus
    • change: Option to save username in username+password dialog.
    • change: drawing issue fix in status log window when resizing.
    • fix: sometimes password was not processed/received by OpenVPN process..
    • fix: Settings are automatically detected on first start
  • New in (12.10.2012) (thanks to PiBa-NL)
    • change: Doubleclick on systray-icon now starts/stops vpn if only a single profile exists
    • fix: fixed crash on cancelling username/password dialog
    • fix: workaround for OpenVPN.exe terminated on canceling username/password dialog
    • fix: UI Typos
  • New in (28.08.2012)
    • change: Window does not flicker on startup (Thanks to Ingo)
    • change: More useful menu ordering (Thanks to Martin)
    • change: Setup included (Thanks to Ingo)

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