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TDM-GCC is a cleverly disguised GCC compiler for Windows!

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TDM-GCC 10.3.0


To the extent possible under law, the author(s) have dedicated all copyright and related and neighboring rights to this software to the public domain worldwide. This software is distributed without any warranty.

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This is the set of scripts and miscellaneous files used to drive the build systems of all components that create the TDM-GCC toolchain. It includes a Makefile with targets for the TDM and TDM64 editions of GCC and all support libraries, and .sh script files that invoke the Makefile with appropriate arguments for each TDM-GCC edition.

Patches for the underlying binutils, GCC, GDB, and winpthreads components used to be included as part of a combined TDM source and build scripts release tarball, but are now kept in individual source repositories per component: * * (for both binutils and gdb) *


In order to duplicate the build process used for TDM's binaries, you will need the following packages: * For the TDM32 edition, the MinGW project's "binutils", "mingwrt" and "w32api" bin and dev packages * For the TDM64 edition, the GNU binutils sources ( and the MinGW-w64 project's runtime sources ( * The GCC source package ( * The GMP, MPFR, and MPC sources * The windows-default-manifest resource file (;a=tree) * For support for character sets other than UTF-8, the libiconv sources * For support for the Graphite loop optimizations, the ISL sources * For OpenMP and pthreads support, the TDM winpthreads sources, patched from the original MinGW-w64 version ( * To build GDB, the GDB ( and expat sources and a Python 32-bit or 64-bit binary distribution


The 10.3.0 TDM32 and TDM64 GCC binaries were built as native bootstraps in Windows 10 (64-bit), using previously built toolchains with the same set of patches, under the MSYS2 environment. The build scripts in this package will probably not work in Cygwin, WSL, or GNU/Linux without modification.

Generally, building GCC consists of first building its support libraries (gmp, mpfr, mpc, isl, libiconv, winpthreads, and windows-default-manifest), combining these with binutils and the runtime API into the "staging prefix", and then building GCC itself. GCC is built to expect it will be installed to the staging prefix but for the installation step is actually staged into a different directory.

Building the TDM32 edition typically looks like this: * Extract all sources to

* Copy or build a previous MinGW installation to a "build toolchain" * Bootstrap the mingw-get installer into
* Ensure the prefix, typically
, is empty *

Building the TDM64 edition typically looks like this: * Extract all sources to

* Copy or build a previous multilib MinGW-w64/GCC installation to a "build toolchain" * Ensure the prefix, typically
, is empty *

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