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RoboBrowser: Your friendly neighborhood web scraper

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RoboBrowser is a simple, Pythonic library for browsing the web without a standalone web browser. RoboBrowser can fetch a page, click on links and buttons, and fill out and submit forms. If you need to interact with web services that don't have APIs, RoboBrowser can help.

.. code-block:: python

import re
from robobrowser import RoboBrowser

Browse to Genius

browser = RoboBrowser(history=True)'')

Search for Porcupine Tree

form = browser.get_form(action='/search') form # form['q'].value = 'porcupine tree' browser.submit_form(form)

Look up the first song

songs ='.song_link') browser.follow_link(songs[0]) lyrics ='.lyrics') lyrics[0].text # \nHear the sound of music ...

Back to results page


Look up my favorite song

song_link = browser.get_link('trains') browser.follow_link(song_link)

Can also search HTML using regex patterns

lyrics = browser.find(class_=re.compile(r'\blyrics\b')) lyrics.text # \nTrain set and match spied under the blind...

RoboBrowser combines the best of two excellent Python libraries:

_ and
_. RoboBrowser represents browser sessions using Requests and HTML responses using BeautifulSoup, transparently exposing methods of both libraries:

.. code-block:: python

import re
from robobrowser import RoboBrowser

browser = RoboBrowser(user_agent='a python robot')'')

Inspect the browser session

browser.session.cookies['_gh_sess'] # BAh7Bzo... browser.session.headers['User-Agent'] # a python robot

Search the parsed HTML'div.teaser-icon') # [

# #
, # ... browser.find(class_=re.compile(r'column', re.I)) #

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