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for mass exploiting

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mec (MassExploitConsole)

for mass exploiting

getting started

please read the wiki


  • [x] an easy-to-use cli ui
  • [x] execute any adpated exploits with process-level concurrency
  • [x] some built-in exploits (automated)
  • [x] hide your ip addr using proxychains4 and proxy_pool
  • [x] zoomeye host scan (10 threads)
  • [x] a simple baidu crawler (multi-threaded)
  • [x] censys host scan
  • [x] built-in ssh bruteforcer


  • please use this tool only on authorized systems, im not responsible for any damage caused by users who ignore my warning
  • exploits are adapted from other sources, please refer to their author info
  • please note, due to my limited programming experience (it's my first Python project), you can expect some silly bugs


zoomeye host search

mass exploiting

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