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Parse TOML. Like a bawss.

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A sane configuration format from @mojombo. More information here:

This is far superior to YAML and JSON because it doesn't suck. Really it doesn't.


Add to your Gemfile:

gem "toml", "~> 0.3.0"

It's simple, really.

content = < { "things" => { "other" => "things", "what" => 900000 } }

You can also use the same API as

if you'd like:
TOML.load("thing = 9")
# => {"thing" => 9}


=> {"whatever" => "keys"}

There's also a beta feature for generating a TOML file from a Ruby hash. Please note this will likely not give beautiful output right now.

hash = {
  "integer" => 1,
  "float" => 3.14159,
  "true" => true,
  "false" => false,
  "string" => "hi",
  "array" => [[1], [2], [3]],
  "key" => {
    "group" => {
      "value" => "lol"
doc =
# doc will be a string containing a proper TOML document.


Written by Jeremy McAnally (@jm) and Dirk Gadsden (@dirk) based on TOML from Tom Preston-Werner (@mojombo).

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