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Book Example Code in [Introduction to 3D Game Programming With DirectX11 by Frank Luna ]

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Book Example Code in [Introduction to 3D Game Programming With DirectX11 by Frank Luna ]

New Project setup:

Do not modify the relative directory structure of these samples. In particular, for each project sample, the Common folder must be obtained from it via "../../Common".

Debug libraries:


Release libraries:


C/C++ Additional Include Directories:

1) Path to DirectX Header files.

2) ../../Common (or Absolute Path to Common)

Linker Additional Library Directories:

1) Path to DirectX Library files.

2) ../../Common (or Absolute Path to Common)

FXC Call (*.fx file Custom Build Tool)

  • Command Line
    • a) Debug mode: fxc /Fc /Od /Zi /T fx50 /Fo "%(RelativeDir)\%(Filename).fxo" "%(FullPath)"
    • b) Release mode: fxc /T fx50 /Fo "%(RelativeDir)\%(Filename).fxo" "%(FullPath)"
  • Description
    • a) Debug Description: fxc compile for debug: %(FullPath)
    • b) Release Description: fxc compile for release: %(FullPath)
  • Outputs
    • Outputs: %(RelativeDir)\%(Filename).fxo

Compile Error

  • Effects11d.lib Link Error C:\Program Files\Microsoft DirectX SDK (June 2010)\Samples\C++\Effects11 Build And Link Effects11.lib
  • Effects11d.lib -> Build FX11-nov2015 project


  • VS2015 Build Error

    • d3dUtil.h, line 38, remove DXTrace macro code
  • DirectX 11 초기화 오류 아래 사이트를 참조하자.

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