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Make any web page a desktop application

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You want to make a native wrapper for WhatsApp Web (or any web page).


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You're done.


Nativefier is a command-line tool to easily create a desktop app for any web site with minimal configuration. Apps are wrapped by Electron(which uses Chromium under the hood) in an OS executable (




, etc) for use on Windows, macOS and Linux.

I did this because I was tired of having to




to my browser and then search through the numerous open tabs when I was using Facebook Messenger orWhatsapp Web (HN thread). Nativefier features:

  • Automatically retrieval of app icon / name.
  • JavaScript and CSS injection.
  • Many more, see the API docs or
    nativefier --help


  • macOS 10.9+ / Windows / Linux
  • Node.js
    \>= 10
    and npm
    \>= 6
  • Optional dependencies:
    • ImageMagick to convert icons. Make sure
      are in your system
    • Wine to package Windows apps under non-Windows platforms. Make sure
      is in your system
npm install -g nativefier


To create a native desktop app for, simply

nativefier ""

Nativefier will try to determine the app name, and well as lots of other options. If desired, these options can be overwritten. For example, to override the name,

nativefier --name 'My Medium App' ''

**Read the API documentation or run

``` nativefier --help

```** to learn about other command-line flags usable to configure the packaged app.

To have high-resolution icons used by default for an app/domain, please contribute to the icon repository!


Help welcome on bugs andfeature requests.

Developer / build docs, API documentation, Changelog.



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