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Simple way to share a message or link on a social network in your Xamarin.Forms projects.

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Share Plugin for Xamarin and Windows

Simple way to share a message or link, copy text to clipboard, or open a browser in any Xamarin or Windows app.

Library Is Deprecated

I have been working on Plugins for Xamarin for a long time now. Through the years I have always wanted to create a single, optimized, and official package from the Xamarin team at Microsoft that could easily be consumed by any application. The time is now with Xamarin.Essentials, which offers over 50 cross-platform native APIs in a single optimized package. I worked on this new library with an amazing team of developers and I highly highly highly recommend you check it out.

I will continue to work and maintain my Plugins, but I do recommend you checkout Xamarin.Essentials to see if it is a great fit your app as it has been for all of mine!


Get started by reading through the Share Plugin documentation


  • Available on NuGet: NuGet


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Platform Support

|Platform|Version| | ------------------- | :------------------: | |Xamarin.iOS|iOS 8+| |Xamarin.Android|API 14+| |Windows 10 UWP|10+| |Tizen|4.0+|


Licensed under MIT license

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