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A userscript for MPV that allows you to change youtube video quality (ytdl-format) on the fly

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A userscript for MPV that allows you to change youtube video quality (ytdl-format) on the fly, as though you were using the web player.


Toggle the menu with ctrl+f (configurable). Select from the list with the arrow keys (configurable), and press enter (configurable) to select. Menu times out after 10 seconds (configurable.)


Copy youtube-quality.lua into your scripts directory, e.g.:

cp youtube-quality.lua ~/.config/mpv/scripts/

optional, copy the config file:

cp youtube-quality.conf ~/.config/mpv/script-opts/

OSC extension

Completely optional, an extended version of the OSC is available that includes a button to display the quality menu. To use this, copy the youtube-quality-osc.lua file into your scripts directory and put

in your mpv.conf.

PLEASE NOTE: This conflicts with other scripts that modify the OSC, such as TheAMM's excellent mpvthumbnailscript. Merging this OSC modification with that script or others is certainly possible, but is left as an exercise for the user...

Plans For Future Enhancement

  • [x] Visual indication of what the current quality level is.
  • [x] Option to populate the quality list automatically with the exact formats available for a given video.
  • [x] Optional OSC extension.
  • [ ] [your suggestion here]


  • reload.lua, for the function to reload a video while preserving the playlist.
  • mpv-playlistmanager, from which I ripped off much of the menu formatting config.
  • ytdl_hook.lua, from which I ripped off much of the youtube-dl code to fetch the format list
  • somebody on /mpv/ for the idea

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