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Find in Go repeated strings that could be replaced by a constant

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Find repeated strings that could be replaced by a constant.


There are obvious benefits to using constants instead of repeating strings, mostly to ease maintenance. Cannot argue against changing a single constant versus many strings.

While this could be considered a beginner mistake, across time, multiple packages and large codebases, some repetition could have slipped in.

Get Started

$ go get
$ goconst ./...



goconst ARGS


-ignore exclude files matching the given regular expression -ignore-tests exclude tests from the search (default: true) -min-occurrences report from how many occurrences (default: 2) -min-length only report strings with the minimum given length (default: 3) -match-constant look for existing constants matching the values -numbers search also for duplicated numbers -min minimum value, only works with -numbers -max maximum value, only works with -numbers -output output formatting (text or json) -set-exit-status Set exit status to 2 if any issues are found


goconst ./... goconst -ignore "yacc|.pb." $GOPATH/src/ goconst -min-occurrences 3 -output json $GOPATH/src/ goconst -numbers -min 60 -max 512 .

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