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Vault Unseal automation

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This project aims to make it easier to automate the secure unsealing of a Vault server.


This is a CLI tool to help automate the setup and management of
Hashicorp Vault.

It will continuously attempt to unseal the target Vault instance, by retrieving unseal keys from a Google Cloud KMS keyring.

Usage: vault-unsealer [command]

Available Commands: help Help about any command init Initialise the target Vault instance unseal A brief description of your command

Flags: --aws-kms-key-id string The ID or ARN of the AWS KMS key to encrypt values --aws-ssm-key-prefix string The Key Prefix for SSM Parameter store --google-cloud-kms-crypto-key string The name of the Google Cloud KMS crypt key to use --google-cloud-kms-key-ring string The name of the Google Cloud KMS key ring to use --google-cloud-kms-location string The Google Cloud KMS location to use (eg. 'global', 'europe-west1') --google-cloud-kms-project string The Google Cloud KMS project to use --google-cloud-storage-bucket string The name of the Google Cloud Storage bucket to store values in --google-cloud-storage-prefix string The prefix to use for values store in Google Cloud Storage -h, --help help for vault-unsealer --mode string Select the mode to use 'google-cloud-kms-gcs' => Google Cloud Storage with encryption using Google KMS; 'aws-kms-ssm' => AWS SSM parameter store using AWS KMS encryption (default "google-cloud-kms-gcs") --secret-shares int Total count of secret shares that exist (default 1) --secret-threshold int Minimum required secret shares to unseal (default 1)

Use "vault-unsealer [command] --help" for more information about a command.

How to setup vault-unsealer via AWS KMS and SSM

Instruction on existing and new vaults for unsealing vault using KMS and SSM

Build from source

go get
make -C $(go env GOPATH)/src/ build

Build a Docker image

docker build -t vault-unsealer: .

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