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Automatically perform Kubernetes cluster configuration checks using Open Policy Agent (OPA)

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Jetstack Preflight

Preflight is a tool to automatically perform Kubernetes cluster configuration checks using Open Policy Agent (OPA).

This repository hosts the agent part of Preflight. It sends data to the Preflight SaaS platform.

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Project Background

Preflight was originally designed to automate Jetstack's production readiness assessments. These are consulting sessions in which a Jetstack engineer inspects a customer's cluster to suggest improvements and identify configuration issues. The product of this assessment is a report which describes any problems and offers remediation advice.

While these assessments have provided a lot of value to many customers, with a complex system like Kubernetes it's hard to thoroughly check everything. Automating the checks allows them to be more comprehensive and much faster.

The automation also allows the checks to be run repeatedly, meaning they can be deployed in-cluster to provide continuous configuration checking. This enables new interesting use cases as policy compliance audits.


The Preflight agent uses data gatherers to collect required data from Kubernetes and cloud provider APIs before formatting it as JSON for analysis. Once data has been collected, it is sent to the configured backend.

To run the Agent locally you can run:

preflight agent --agent-config-file ./path/to/agent/config/file.yaml

Or, to build and run a version from master:

go run main.go agent --agent-config-file ./path/to/agent/config/file.yaml

You can find the example agent file here.

You might also want to run a local echo server to monitor requests the agent sends:

go run main.go echo


Policies for cluster configuration are encoded into Preflight packages. Each package focuses on a different infrastructure component, for example the

package provides rules for the configuration of a GKE cluster.

Preflight packages are implemented using Open Policy Agent with evaluation taking place in the SaaS backend.


Please follow the instructions at for the latest installation instructions.

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