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Scan network ips and ports.

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Scan a network for ports that are open on an ip/ip range, and ips that are in use on that network.

Table of Contents



For installation instructions from binaries please visit the Releases Page.

Via Go

$ go get


netscan -  Scan network ips and ports.

Usage: netscan


-d, --debug enable debug logging (default: false) -p, --ports Ports to scan (ex. 80-443 or 80,443,8080 or 1-20,22,80-443) (default "80,443,8001,9001") --proto protocol to use (can be set more than once) (default "tcp") -t, --timeout timeout for ping of port (default: 1s)


version Show the version information.


# for a cidr
$ netscan

for a single ip

$ netscan

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