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A repo to keep track of interesting gadgets and toys that I find or someone tells me about.

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A repo to keep track of interesting gadgets and toys that I find or someone tells me about. These are things that I might own already, desperately am waiting to be released, or want in the future.

  • Teenage Engineering: Toys for audio, like wireless synthesizers. Great looking hardware design.
  • Love Hulten: Tech + wood crafting meet retro gaming. Interesting that in some instances it is just a raspberry pi inside and has other failings like mono audio.^2 Perhaps not a problem with more recent creations.
  • Analogue Pocket: Handheld device for playing old game cartridges. Awesome hardware design. However can only take cartridges, not ROMs. This is an explicit design decision.
  • Handheld gaming device made by Panic! and Teenage Engineering. Amazing hardware design featuring a hand crank.
  • 8bitdo: Retro game controllers made wireless.
  • Polymega: Swiss army knife of retro gaming consoles. Skeptical since it is not an FPGA, could also just be their marketing doesn't show off their hardware like the Analogue marketing does.
  • RED Camera: Cinema quality, 8K, cameras. You can attach any lens to these. The quality is really great and some folks swear by them^3. They have some great documentation around their sensors as well^4.
  • Probe Lens: Along with the RED camera brain from above, this lens allows for some really fun shots^5. Would be fun for hardware PCB boards or up close on a product. It has a light built in since it needs a lot of light for a great picture.
  • Sonos Turntable: The ability to listen to a record in a modern way is very compelling. The design of these is also beautiful.
  • Markforged: 3D print metal or carbon fiber. Parts require supports on the parts though to the additive manufacturing process used.
  • Desktop Metal: 3D print metal. Parts require supports due to the additive manufacturing process used.
  • Hello Robot: Programmable robot arm.
  • Spot: Robot dog.
  • Genesis Orrery: Model of the planets. Mechanically engineered in a visually stunning orrery.
  • Designed by Apple in California: Not a gadget, but a book. Beautifully designed and no longer in print.
  • Canon EOS R5: Mirrorless camera, 8K RAW video at 30fps, 4K video at 60fps, has a 45 megapixel sensor, 1053 autofocus zones, 120fps viewfinder

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