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A tool for quickly and easily bulk adding allow and ad/block lists to a Pi-hole 5 installation

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This tool provides bulk operations to manage your Pi-hole 5 Allow lists and Block/Ad lists.


  • Allow lists can be added from anudeepND's allowlist, files, or manual entry
  • Block/Ad lists can be added from, files, or manual entry
  • Removes lists it adds (or all of them)
  • Reset lists to Pi-hole defaults
  • Stats provides some quick sums and groupings
  • Docker if you're running the pihole docker image (or one named
    ), it should be detected and offered as a default option


  • working pi-hole 5+ installation
  • python 3.6+ (available by default on Raspbian 10, probably available on your system)


$ sudo pip3 install pihole5-list-tool --upgrade

Note: * If the

command doesn't work, try using
instead. Here are additional options /workarounds (and glimpses into Python peculiarities) * You must use

usage / running

Simply run:

$ sudo pihole5-list-tool

This is what installing and running it basically looks like (many features have been added since this):


supported sources

TL; DR - some maintained online lists, anything you can paste, or a file


Currently the only source for maintained whitelists is anudeepND's allowlist. They are presented as:

  • Allowlist Only - Domains that are safe to allow i.e does not contain any tracking or

    advertising sites. This fixes many problems like YouTube watch history,
    videos on news sites and so on.
  • Allowlist+Optional - These are needed depending on the service you use. They may contain some

    tracking sites but sometimes it's necessary to add bad domains to make a
    few services to work.
  • Allowlist+Referral - People who use services like Slickdeals and Fatwallet need a few sites

    (most of them are either trackers or ads) to be whitelisted to work
    properly. This contains some analytics and ad serving sites like and others. If you don't know what these services are,
    stay away from this list. Domains that are safe to whitelist i.e does
    not contain any tracking or advertising sites. This fixes many problems
    like YouTube watch history, videos on news sites and so on.


Currently the only source for maintained blocklists is

  • Non-crossed lists: For when someone is usually around to whitelist falsely blocked sites
  • Ticked lists: For when installing Pi-hole where no one will be whitelisting falsely blocked sites
  • All lists: For those who will always be around to whitelist falsely blocked sites


Both list types allow providing either a pasted in list or a file as your source of lists.

Finishing up

After adding lists, they must be loaded by running:

$ pihole -g

This tool will offer to do that for you.

When that finishes, you'll see each of listed in the Web Admin interface along with a comment to help identify them.

NOTE: If you need/want the blocklists added from (and more) continually updated, check out pihole-updatelists which will also run great on a Pi.

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