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Proxy patch for - Onion Browser Button - and - Browse with Onion - addons in Windows and Mac.

This patch is made for starting TOR proxy on your PC or MAC. TOR connection is required to use the following addons.

Onion Browser Button: 1. Chrome: 2. Opera: 3. Firefox:

Browse with Onion: 1. Chrome: 2. Opera:

To run (Onion Browser Button) or (Browse with Onion) add-ons you need TOR connection on your PC or MAC. Here, you can find requisite files to run TOR proxy on your machine. Please follow the below steps.

1) Please visit folder ( 2) If you have Windows machine, please download and unzip "" file to your computer, and if you have Mac download and unzip "". 3) For windows machine please open downloaded "win" folder and run "run.bat" file within the folder. For Mac please open "win" folder and run "" file. 4) You will see the screen with 6 options (as below):

------------ Configure TOR ------------ 1. Start TOR connection 2. Log connection info 3. Stop TOR connection 4. Debug TOR connection 5. New TOR identity

6. Restart TOR connection

To start TOR connection on your computer, please press 1 on your keyboard, once "Tor is connected successfully!" message is displayed, you can use Tor Browser Button add-on to connect your browser to the TOR network. To stop TOR connection please press 2. To get a new TOR identity, please press 5 and to restart TOR connection, please press 6 on your keyboard.

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