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The best white noise app on Windows

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A modern Windows app that plays soothing tones to help you be healthier, happier, and more relaxed.

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The motivation behind Ambie is to build a simple but beautiful soothing sounds player for Windows. Animations are used to enhance the experience. Only a few UI elements are available in the app. This is on purpose because for Ambie, less is more.


Ambie needs volunteer translators! To help translate, follow these instructions.

Adding a new language (requires Visual Studio 2019 and Multilingual App Toolkit)

  • Ensure you have Visual Studio 2019 and the Multilingual App Toolkit extension.
  • Fork and clone this repo.
  • Open in VS 2019.
  • Right click on the
  • Select Multilingual App Toolkit > Add translation language.
    • If you get a message saying "Translation Provider Manager Issue," just click Ok and ignore it. It's unrelated to adding a language.
  • Select a language.
  • Once you select a language, new
    files will be created in the
  • Now follow the
    Improving an existing language
    steps below.

Improving an existing language (can be done with any text editor)

  • Inside the
    folder, open the
    of the language you want to translate.
  • If you're using a text editor, translate the strings inside the
     node. Then change the 
    property to
  • If you're using the Multilingual Editor, translate the strings inside the
    text field. Make sure to save to preserve your changes.
  • Once you're done, commit your changes, push to GitHub, and make a pull request.


Pull requests are welcome! Please keep in mind the motivation behind Ambie, however: Less is more. New sound requests are appreciated. New sounds must - Have a license that can work with Ambie - Have an image - Have attributions for sound and image

For all pull requests, please make sure there's an issue created for it first and that maintainers have confirmed that the issue or feature request can be addressed. Maintainers can then assign the issue to you so that others can track who's working on what issue. In some cases, you might have contacted the maintainers directly via other channels such as Twitter or Discord. You might have asked the maintainers if you can submit a PR. In those scenarios, an issue is not required.


Thank you translators!

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