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Utilities to prettify console output of tables, lists, progress-bars, text, etc.


Pretty-print tables into ASCII/Unicode strings.

|   # | FIRST NAME | LAST NAME | SALARY |                             |
|   1 | Arya       | Stark     |   3000 |                             |
|  20 | Jon        | Snow      |   2000 | You know nothing, Jon Snow! |
| 300 | Tyrion     | Lannister |   5000 |                             |
|     |            | TOTAL     |  10000 |                             |

More details can be found here: table/


Pretty-print lists with multiple levels/indents into ASCII/Unicode strings.

 ■ Game Of Thrones
   ■ Winter
   ■ Is
   ■ Coming
     ■ This
     ■ Is
     ■ Known
 ■ The Dark Tower
   ■ The Gunslinger

More details can be found here: list/


Track the Progress of one or more Tasks (like downloading multiple files in parallel).

Sample Progress Tracking:

Calculating Total   #  1 ... done! [3.25K in 100ms]
Calculating Total   #  2 ... done! [6.50K in 100ms]
Downloading File    #  3 ... done! [9.75KB in 100ms]
Transferring Amount #  4 ... done! [$26.00K in 200ms]
Transferring Amount #  5 ... done! [£32.50K in 201ms]
Downloading File    #  6 ... done! [58.50KB in 300ms]
Calculating Total   #  7 ... done! [91.00K in 400ms]
Transferring Amount #  8 ... 60.9% (●●●●●●●●●●●●●●◌◌◌◌◌◌◌◌◌) [$78.00K in 399.071ms]
Downloading File    #  9 ... 32.1% (●●●●●●●○◌◌◌◌◌◌◌◌◌◌◌◌◌◌◌) [58.50KB in 298.947ms]
Transferring Amount # 10 ... 13.0% (●●○◌◌◌◌◌◌◌◌◌◌◌◌◌◌◌◌◌◌◌◌) [£32.50K in 198.84ms]

More details can be found here: progress/


Utility functions to manipulate text with or without ANSI escape sequences. Most of the functions available are used in one or more of the other packages here.

The unit-tests for each of the above show how these can be used. There GoDoc should also have examples for all the available functions.


Partial output of

make bench
on CI:
BenchmarkList_Render-2                372352          3179 ns/op         856 B/op         38 allocs/op
BenchmarkProgress_Render-2                 4     300318682 ns/op        3438 B/op         87 allocs/op
BenchmarkTable_Render-2                27208         44154 ns/op        5616 B/op        179 allocs/op
BenchmarkTable_RenderCSV-2            108732         11059 ns/op        2624 B/op         46 allocs/op
BenchmarkTable_RenderHTML-2            88633         13425 ns/op        4080 B/op         45 allocs/op
BenchmarkTable_RenderMarkdown-2       107420         10991 ns/op        2560 B/op         44 allocs/op

A note about v6.0.0 and above ...

To make

completely compatible with
go mod
, versions
and above will include changes that are known to break
support. As far as I can tell,
is looking for funding right now and is not being actively developed or maintained and has an interoperability issue with how
go mod
deals with package versioning.

If you want to continue to use

, versions
and below should continue to work. If
maintainers can merge the code proposed in PR#1963, it should make
and above usable too. Given that the PR has not been merged since July 2018, I am not too hopeful. :disappointed:

To use

(or newer version) of this library, you'd have to modify the import paths from something like:

I'd recommend you fire up your favorite IDE and do a mass search and replace for all occurrences of

. If you are on a system with access to
, you could just run the following from within your code folder to do the same:
find . -type f -name "*.go" | grep -v vendor | xargs sed -i 's/jedib0t\/go-pretty\//jedib0t\/go-pretty\/v6\//'g

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