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  • 导入lib-bither-compress
    NativeUtil.compressBitmap(bitmap, savePath);

NativeUtil.compressBitmap(bitmap, savePath, maxByte, quality);

  • 图像建议尺寸
    public final static int QUALITY_320P = 320;//480, 320
    public final static int QUALITY_360P = 360;//640, 360
    public final static int QUALITY_480P = 480;//640, 480
    public final static int QUALITY_720P = 720;//1280, 720
    public final static int QUALITY_1080P = 1080;//1920, 1080
    public final static int QUALITY_2K = 1440;//2560, 1440
    public final static int QUALITY_4K = 2160;//3840, 2160
  • 图像默认品质
    //见 NativeUtil 中 compressBitmap(bitmap, savePath, maxByte, quality) 方法
    int options = 80;//100不压缩品质

注意:默认将图像压缩到 1280*720 的尺寸,品质为 80 ,图像大小为 1 MB。其他配置可在 lib-bither-compress 中 NativeUtil 下自己配置。


原图 5.5M

压缩后 784k



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