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JavaScript client side ping API.

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JavaScript ping API for use in a web browser context. Released under the BSD-3-Clause license, see LICENSE.


There are three possible ways to install this.

HTML script tag

Drag and drop the ping.js file next to an HTML file. Inside the

of the HTML file, use a script tag to load ping.js.  


npm install --save web-pingjs


yarn add web-pingjs


bower install --save web-pingjs


This library uses a UMD header that allows it to be loaded as CommonJS, AMD, or a window global object.

A single function is exported,

. Ping's signature follows:
 * Pings a url.
 * @param  {String} url
 * @param  {Number} multiplier - optional, factor to adjust the ping by.  0.3 works well for HTTP servers.
 * @return {Promise} promise that resolves to a ping (ms, float).


ping('').then(function(delta) {
    console.log('Ping time was ' + String(delta) + ' ms');
}).catch(function(err) {
    console.error('Could not ping remote URL', err);


The user should be aware that this method relies on the HTTP protocol to ping remote URLs. Consequently, ping times are not as reliable as if they were performed using the ICMP protocol.

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