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:star2: Human Face Detection based on AdaBoost

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EFace -- A project of face detection in Python

This project name as

which is a implementation of face detection algorithm.

My nick name is

. For convenient, I name it as

It's stimulating to do this project. Enjoy with it.

The architecture of this project.

The following list show the files in this awesome project.

  • Implementation of Adaptive Boosting algorithm

  • Cascade Decision Tree

  • All parameters of configuration in this project are stored in this file.

  • The initialization of images. class Image and class ImageSet are in this file.

  • Stuff with Haar-Features.

  • The detail about Weak classifier.

  • Script for training the model.


  • model/ cache files for adaboost model.

  • featuers/ values for different feaures with different samples.

  • doc/ documents with this project.


For training a adaboost model:

     python ./

To detect faces in a image, you have to define the TEST_IMG which is the path where store your image:

    python ./

Presentation of current result:

I'm still working on making this project more powerful. So, here is the presentation of current result.




Programming Style:

I used basic OOP(Object Oriented Programming) tricks to build my program. Something like... I put all about

into a class(AdaBoost) which you can find in file
. Everytime you want to do something with adaboost, just create a object instance of that class.

Adavantages of this style: Higher level of abstraction and easy to be used. With this style, green hand will easy to build good archtecture with our project.

Disadvantages of this style: Without optimalization, it will cost a lot of memory. This will be obvious when the scale of project goes more and more large.

During this period when I working on the project, I meet a lots of problem. But I also want to say "thanks" to these problem. It help me a lot to enhance my ability in programming.

  • Exception Handle The training process cost too much time. Sometimes, we have a better idea to change the code into a better version. But the trainning process is going on. If we press

    ctrl + c
    to interrupt, the data that we have get from the
    process will lost.

    I use a handler for

    and then save the data of model so that the valuable data won't be lose.
  • High Performance Programming in Python

    There have lots of tricks to make native Python code run more faster. The computation of image processing is very huge. This means that it's a typical problem about CPU-bound.

  • Concurrent Control To improve the performance of this system in the training process, I try to use parallel mechanism with the two CPU in my workstation.

... ...

Optimization diary

2016-04-09 Restart to built this project and finished optimize the

2016-04-13 refactor the and make it more light. create a new module In, @idxVector is initialized by numpy.zeros, it's faster than numpy.array([0 for i in range(length)])

2016-04-15 going to optimal and Try to vectorize

2016-04-16 change and use different size of final classifier image but not resize the inputed image.

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