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A reimplementation of redux using RxJS.

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A reimplementation of redux using RxJS.


Reactive by default, this makes difference.

If you just want to use redux with RxJS and don't care about API compatibility, see redux-core.


  • All of the redux APIs implemented.
  • Additionally,
    provides 2 rx objects you can utilize:
    • dispatcher$
      is a Subject that you can pass actions in.
    • state$
      is an Observable, a stream of states.
  • And a helper function
    to stream actions to store (see example below).

What does it look like?

import {createStore, combineReducers, applyMiddleware, connectAction} from 'rx-redux'
import thunkMiddleware from 'redux-thunk'
import * as reducers from './reducers'
import { render, getActionStream } from './view'

const action$ = getActionStream();

const newCreateStore = applyMiddleware(thunkMiddleware)(createStore); const reducer = combineReducers(reducers); const store = newCreateStore(reducer);

// stream states to view store.state$.subscribe(state => render(state));

// stream actions to dispatcher action$.subscribe(action => store.dispatcher$.onNext(action)); // or you can write this way // connectAction(action$, store);

Best practice to make your app all the way reactive

Don't do async in

, create

This will ease the pain to build universal apps.


Which wraps action stream, look like this: ```javascript import Rx from 'rx';

export default function thunkMiddleware(getState) { return action => { if(typeof action === 'function') { return Rx.Observable.just(action(getState)); }

// Don't know how to handle this thing, pass to next rx-middleware
return Rx.Observable.just(action);

}; }

How to design `RxMiddleware`
- Get action, return [Observable](https://github.com/Reactive-Extensions/RxJS/blob/master/doc/api/core/observable.md).
- **Must** return Observable.
  - If you don't want to return an action (eg. if counter is not odd), return a Rx.Observable.empty().

See a basic RxMiddleware example


  • Figure out how to test a Rx project (No experience before).
  • Work with Hot Module Replacement.
  • Work with redux-devtools.
  • More examples.


  • @xgrommx for submitting pull requests and suggestions.

> Feel free to ask questions or submit pull requests!


  • redux, learn a lot through the source code.
  • Cycle.js for the cool MVI flow.


The MIT License (MIT)

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