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codeprinter's goal is pretty self-explanatory: to make it easier to print out code on paper. Many IDE's either don't allow you to print or have some weird quirks like adding unnecessary headers and footers, not allowing you to change your font size, or not providing syntax highlighting on your printout.

codeprinter makes it easy. Simply copy your code into the text box, select your desired font, font size, syntax highlighting theme, and whether or not you would like line numbers and then hit print.


codeprinter is currently hosted by GitHub Pages at

If you're concerned about pasting code into some website, you can use it locally as well. codeprinter is a React project that uses NPM and Node.js, so you'll need both installed in order to do so. Right now, codeprinter supports Node 8.x or higher, but the latest LTS version is always recommended.

Once that's out of the way, run the following commands to install the dependencies, build the application, and run it:

npm install
npm run build
npm start


Paste your code Change your font size Print your code

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