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🔭 Vim colors for the final frontier

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SpaceCamp is an attractive, comfortable, and legible colorscheme for Vim.

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Flight Instructions

Basic Install (recommended if you're unfamiliar with plugin managers)

1) Download this repository 2) Unzip the downloaded file 3) Copy the files

into your Vim colors folder (found at
) 4) Add the following to your
colorscheme spacecamp
...or, for a slightly lighter background:
colorscheme spacecamp_lite

Vim Plug

1) Add the following to your plugs in your

Plug 'jaredgorski/spacecamp'
2) Run
3) Follow step 4 in the basic install (above) to load the desired colorscheme via your

Outside of Vim

Terminal emulator themes

NOTE: These files may need to be renamed or pasted as snippets into the appropriate config file for your terminal emulator. See documentation for your particular terminal emulator.


  background: '#121212'
  foreground: '#D0D0D0'

text: '#0D0D0D' cursor: '#D0D0D0'

0: '#282828' # black 1: '#D71A1A' # red 2: '#57BA37' # green 3: '#F0D50C' # yellow 4: '#91AADF' # blue 5: '#CF73E6' # magenta 6: '#B7CBF4' # cyan 7: '#DEDEDE' # white

8: '#666666' # bright black 9: '#FF0000' # bright red 10: '#D8FA3B' # bright green 11: '#E7C547' # bright yellow 12: '#B7CBF4' # bright blue 13: '#B77EE0' # bright magenta 14: '#A9C1DE' # bright cyan 15: '#EEEEEE' # bright white

SpaceCamp preview


Please send me an email at [email protected] or open an issue. If you're feeling extra motivated, feel free to send pull requests and I'll review them. Keep in mind that I'll be fairly strict about changes, but I love contributors and definitely want to get your name in there :smiley:


Please feel free to drop a note to [email protected] if you have kudos or complaints. Now go push some code!

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