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Cross-platform In App Billing Plugin for Xamarin

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In-App Billing Plugin for Xamarin and Windows

A simple In-App Purchase plugin for Xamarin and Windows to query item information, purchase items, restore items, and more.


Get started by reading through the In-App Billing Plugin documentation.

There are changes in version 4.0 so read below.


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|Platform|Version| | ------------------- | :------------------: | |Xamarin.iOS|iOS 8+| |tvOS - Apple TV|All| |Xamarin.Android|API 14+| |Windows 10 UWP|10+|

Created By: @JamesMontemagno

Checkout my podcast on IAP

I co-host a weekly development podcast, Merge Conflict, about technology and recently covered IAP and this library: Merge Conflict 28: Demystifying In-App Purchases

Version 4 Major Update - Android

We now use Xamarin.Essentials for getting access to the current activity. So ensure you initialize Xamarin.Essentials in your Android app.

Also if you get a null exception the linker is being aggressive so write the following code in your MainActivity:

var context = Platform.AppContext;
var activity = Platform.CurrentActivity;

Version 4.X updates to the new Android billing client. This means there are few important changes: 1. You must acknowledge all purchases within 3 days, by calling

or the Consume API if it a consumable. 2. You must hanle Pending Transactions from outside of you app. See docs from Google 3.
is removed from the API as it is not needed

Pending Transactions:

  • If the result of PurchaseAsync is PurchaseState.PaymentPending, store the order details locally and inform the user that they will have access to the product when the payment completes
  • When the user starts the app (and/or visits a particular page), if the stored PurchaseState is PaymentPending, call GetPurchasesAsync and query the result for a purchase that matches the stored purchase.
  • If the PurchaseState for this purchase is still PaymentPending, show the same no-access message
  • If the PurchaseState is Purchased, call ConsumePurchaseAsync or AcknowledgePurchaseAsync, depending on the product type

I highly recommend reading the entire Google Play Billing System docs.

Version 3+ Linker Settings

For linking if you are setting Link All you may need to add:






The MIT License (MIT), see LICENSE file.

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