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A javascript finite state machine library

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Javascript State Machine

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A library for finite state machines.

matter state machine

NOTE for existing users

VERSION 3.0 Is a significant rewrite from earlier versions. Existing 2.x users should be sure to read the Upgrade Guide.


In a browser:

<script src="state-machine.js"></script>

after downloading the source or the minified version

Using npm:

npm install --save-dev javascript-state-machine

In Node.js:

var StateMachine = require('javascript-state-machine');


A state machine can be constructed using:

var fsm = new StateMachine({ init: 'solid', transitions: [{ name: 'melt', from: 'solid', to: 'liquid' }, { name: 'freeze', from: 'liquid', to: 'solid' }, { name: 'vaporize', from: 'liquid', to: 'gas' }, { name: 'condense', from: 'gas', to: 'liquid' }], methods: { onMelt: function() { console.log('I melted') }, onFreeze: function() { console.log('I froze') }, onVaporize: function() { console.log('I vaporized') }, onCondense: function() { console.log('I condensed') } } });

... which creates an object with a current state property:

  • fsm.state

... methods to transition to a different state:

  • fsm.melt()
  • fsm.freeze()
  • fsm.vaporize()
  • fsm.condense()

... observer methods called automatically during the lifecycle of a transition:

  • onMelt()
  • onFreeze()
  • onVaporize()
  • onCondense()

... along with the following helper methods:

    • return true if state
      is the current state
  • fsm.can(t)
    • return true if transition
      can occur from the current state
  • fsm.cannot(t)
    • return true if transition
      cannot occur from the current state
  • fsm.transitions()
    • return list of transitions that are allowed from the current state
  • fsm.allTransitions()
    • return list of all possible transitions
  • fsm.allStates()
    • return list of all possible states


A state machine consists of a set of States

  • solid
  • liquid
  • gas

A state machine changes state by using Transitions

  • melt
  • freeze
  • vaporize
  • condense

A state machine can perform actions during a transition by observing Lifecycle Events

  • onBeforeMelt
  • onAfterMelt
  • onLeaveSolid
  • onEnterLiquid
  • ...

A state machine can also have arbitrary Data and Methods.

Multiple instances of a state machine can be created using a State Machine Factory.


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