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Give me tfp0, I give you jelbrek

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Give me tfp0, I give you jelbrek

Library with commonly used patches in open-source jailbreaks. Call this a (light?) QiLin open-source alternative.




  • Compile OR head over to and get everything there.
  • Link with jelbrekLib.dylib and include jelbrekLib.h
  • Call initwithkbase() with tfp0, the kernel base and (optionally, leave NULL otherwise) a custom kernel execution function, as your first thing and term_jelbrek(), as your last


  • AMFID patch won't resist after app enters background. Fix would be using a daemon (like amfidebilitate) or injecting a dylib (iOS 11)

iOS 12 status

  • ~~rootFS remount is broken. There is hardening on snapshotrename() which can and has been (privately) bypassed, but it for sure isn't as bad as last year with iOS 11.3.1, where they made major changes. The only thing we need is figuring out how they check if the snapshot is the rootfs and not something in /var for example where snapshotrename works fine.~~ Use unc0ver's code if you need the remount, I will probably add it along some bigger update


  • xerub for the original patchfinding code
  • theninjaprawn for some patchfinders
  • xerub for the original trustcache injection technique
  • stek29 for nvramunlock & lock and hsp4 patch
  • theninjaprawn & Ian Beer for dylib injection
  • Luca Todesco for the original remount patch technique
  • Umang Raghuvanshi for the rename-APFS-snapshot remount idea
  • pwn20wnd for the oiriginal implementation of the rename-APFS-snapshot technique
  • AMFID dylib-less patch technique by Ian Beer reworked with the patch code from Electra's amfid_payload (stek29 & coolstar)
  • rootless-hsp4 idea by Ian Beer. Implemented on his updated async_wake exploit
  • Sandbox exceptions by stek29 ( (& a few fixes by me for iOS 12+)
  • CSBlob patching with stuff from Jonathan Levin and xerub
  • Symbol finding ( & the CoreTrust bypass technique by me ;)
  • The rest of patches are fairly simple and shouldn't be considered property of anyone in my opinion. Everyone who has enough knowledge can write them fairly easily
  • sbingner for kerneldec

And, don't forget to tell me if I forgot to credit anyone!

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