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Default signature for Jaeles Scanner

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This repo only contain Default Signatures for Jaeles project. Pull requests or any ideas are welcome.

Please read the Official Documentation here for writing your own signature.


jaeles config init


Try to clone signatures folder to somewhere like this

git clone --depth=1 /tmp/jaeles-signatures/

then reload them in the DB with this command.

jaeles config -a reload --signDir /tmp/jaeles-signatures


Scan Usage example:
  jaeles scan -s  -u 
  jaeles scan -c 50 -s  -U  -L 
  jaeles scan -c 50 -s  -U 
  jaeles scan -c 50 -s  -U  -p ''
  jaeles scan -c 50 -s  -U  -f 'noti_slack "{{.vulnInfo}}"'
  jaeles scan -v -c 50 -s  -U list_target.txt -o /tmp/output
  jaeles scan -s  -s  -u
  jaeles scan -G -s  -s  -x  -u
  cat list_target.txt | jaeles scan -c 100 -s 
  jaeles scan -s '/tmp/custom-signature/sensitive/.*' -L 2 --fi

Examples: jaeles scan -s 'jira' -s 'ruby' -u jaeles scan -c 50 -s 'java' -x 'tomcat' -U list_of_urls.txt jaeles scan -G -c 50 -s '/tmp/custom-signature/.' -U list_of_urls.txt jaeles scan -v -s '~/my-signatures/products/wordpress/.' -u '' -p 'root=[[.URL]]' cat urls.txt | grep 'interesting' | jaeles scan -c 50 -s /tmp/jaeles-signatures/cves/sample.yaml -U list_of_urls.txt --proxy

Config Command examples:

Init default signatures

jaeles config init

Update latest signatures

jaeles config update jaeles config update --repo --user admin --pass admin jaeles config update --repo [email protected]/jaeles-project/another-signatures -K your_private_key

Reload signatures from a standard signatures folder (contain passives + resources)

jaeles config reload --signDir ~/standard-signatures/

Add custom signatures from folder

jaeles config add --signDir ~/custom-signatures/

Clean old stuff

jaeles config clean

More examples

jaeles config add --signDir /tmp/standard-signatures/ jaeles config cred --user sample --pass not123456

For full Usage: jaeles -hh

Structure of the Repo

Jaeles look for signature as a single file so you can structure it as whatever you want. This is just an example.

| Page | Description | |----------------|------------------------------------| | common | Implement misconfiguration for some popular apps | | cves | Implement some CVE | | sensitvie | Some common path with sensitive information | | probe | Used for detect some technology used by the target| | passives | Used for passive detection| | fuzz | Some common case for fuzz mode (I know a lot of false positive here) | | routines | Routines example |

Note for using Fuzz signatures

Fuzz signatures may have many false positive because I can't defined exactly what is vulnerable for everything. So make sure you gotta know what are you doing here.


| asciicast Jenkins Gitlab XSS CVE-2020-2096 | asciicast Grafana DoS Probing CVE-2020-13379 | |:----------:|:-------------:| | asciicast SolarWindsOrion LFI CVE-2020-10148 | asciicast Nginx Vhost XSS |

More showcase can be found here

What should I do if Jaeles found a vulnerability?

  1. Read the signature file.
  2. Seriously, read the signature file.
  3. Remember that you were warned twice about reading the signature file.
  4. Read the references and detection part to understand why Jaeles said it's vulnerable.
  5. Manually verify the vulnerability.

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