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Website performance reports for Slack, Rocket.chat & Mattermost using performance.timing

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Speed Monitor

  • Website user performance reports for Slack, Rocket.chat & Mattermost
  • Captures performance stats using
  • This is NOT a NodeJS package.

What does it do?

The script captures the users performance using


It then sends it to a NodeJS server, storing it in MongoDB and sends reports to Slack, Rocket.chat or Mattermost about the performance.



  • NodeJS
  • MongoDB (Get one free at mlab.com)

Getting started slack

  1. Clone repository

  2. Use npm to install dependencies:

    npm install
  3. Add Outgoing WebHook Integration to Slack

  4. Slack WebHook url

    - Add
    to trigger word(s)
  5. Edit app/config.example.js and rename to app/config.js

  6. Insert script tags at the bottom of your website right before


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