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Radius Raid is a space themed shoot 'em up where you must blast away unrelenting enemies before they...

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Radius Raid

Radius Raid is a space themed shoot 'em up where you must blast away unrelenting enemies before they destroy you. The game features 13 enemy types, 5 powerups, parallax backgrounds, retro sound effects, and locally stored stats.

This is an an entry for js13kGames 2013. The theme this year was bad luck, but I didn't work it into my game at all. There are certainly luck and chance factors that affect the gameplay, but those weren't built in for the competition. Check out Radius Raid and all of the other entries at js13kGames!

Final Size: 13,278 bytes


Move: WASD/Arrows
Aim/Fire: Mouse
Autofire: F
Pause: P
Mute: M


I hate having to say this, but from my testing, if you are not running the game in Chrome... you're gonna have a bad time. It works in other browsers, but the frame rate is just not high enough. I didn't want to sacrifice any visuals for this one. Early on, I decided I would rather have it look and play better in one browser than look ok and play ok in many browsers. It is just the state of the games in browsers at the moment and I am ok with that.

I so badly wanted to use @rezoner's JavaScript chiptune composer, CHIRP, but I just couldn't fit it in the limit. It really bummed me out. I composed a few ideas and really loved the feel of the music with the game. So upsetting. You should definitely check out the tool, it is amazing and will be incredibly useful for game music in the future!


Created By: @jackrugile
Inspiration and Support: @rezoner, @loktar00, @end3r, @austinhallock, @chandlerprall
Audio Processing: JSFXR by @markusneubrand
Game Inspiration and Ideas: Asteroids, Cell Warfare, Space Pips, and many more
HTML5 Canvas Reference: HTML5 Canvas Cheat Sheet
Game Math Reference: Billy Lamberta - Foundation HTML5 Animation with JavaScript


Radius Raid Menu

Radius Raid Gameplay

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