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ROP is the Rapid Open Platform ,thus like the TOP(Taobao Open Platform:

The rest url of ROP is thus like the following : 1)http://yourhost?method=rop.user.add&v=1.0&param1=value1&param=value2... 2)http://yourhost?method=rop.user.update&v=1.0&param1=value1&param=value2... ROP can router the request to the dest handler's api.You can use the @ServiceMethod("rop.user.add") annotation to mark the api method in the handler. Handler must be a add a @ServiceMethodBean annotation ,ServiceMethodBean has already annotated a @Service(Spring),So the Service Class would be a Spring Service Bean automaticly.

This is a right handler rest service api method:

import com.rop.annotation.ServiceMethod; import com.rop.annotation.ServiceMethodBean;

@ServiceMethodBean//<--1. must mark the annotation,let it be a Service Bean public class SampleRestService {


} The parameter's list of the api method must extends the RopRequest,and the Return parameter can be any Object. The Rop can marshaller the response to the xml or json format output,you can control the output format by "format" parameter.

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1)Stamen XiaMen
2)Wangxiancai GuangZhou

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